May 6, 2011

Why I Have Been Eating Skittles All Week

As a fun activity this week, my students and I played Susan Paradis Skittles game at the end of their lessons. It is a good thing that I don't have many students, or I would be fat! As it was, by the end of the week I felt "skittled out." :) But it is such a fun game that I don't mind.

All my students eyes light up when they see the skittles, and most say, "Are we going to eat those??" No, we're just going to look at them...

I was a little unsure about what I was going to do with my youngest student, who doesn't yet know the notes on the staff. I thought I would make cards for him that said "line note" and "space note" but that seemed a little boring and not too much of a review. Then, I read the great idea Sarah had about using a tabletop keyboard instead. Perfect! It worked like a charm. We just disregarded the "Treble" and "Bass" directions and went by the letter names. Here are some pictures:

You can get these tabletop keyboards here.

This is just one example of those fun games I talk about from time to time. It reviews and reinforces the notes in such a fun (and yummy!) way. I find it to be "the game that never ends," so we usually just have a set time to play it or play through the deck of cards a certain number of times. It is a great learning incentive!

Anyone else been playing any learning games lately?


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