July 20, 2011

Neat Resource I Can't Wait to Try!

I recently was looking over the assignment book, The Right Notes, available through Alberti Publishing. Jen recently reviewed it, if you want to take a look at her post. This looks like such a fun resource! It looks like not only a fun, colorful assignment book, but also a great outline for talking about some of the details that tend to get left on the shelf. It has composer biographies, definitions and explanations of other musical terms, descriptions of eras, etc. Some of these things are certainly on my list of not-very-strong points! Just because they aren't my strong points doesn't mean that they won't me my student's, however. This assignment book will allow you to help you student learn about many different details from many angles.

The possibilities are endless with this book. If you use a practice incentive, you could use the topics on each week's page to earn your student some more points. You could give a younger student one oral question to answer from what he learned, or you could give an older student an extra-credit assignment to find out more about that certain subject. How fun! And who doesn't want a chance for some more points toward their ultimate goal?

The other great thing I see about this book is that even if you order the hard copy, it is surprising inexpensive for such a color-packed book. Making it super affordable for every parent! And what parent doesn't like that??

Enough rambling. Short story is, I am super excited to give this book a try. Try it and let me know what you think.

July 14, 2011

An App Giveaway

It seems like most piano teachers I read about these days are getting iPads for their studios. They sound like so much fun! I can't wait for the day that I can add one to my "teaching materials." (Solely for teaching, I assure you....ok, maybe not!) Actually my brother is entered to win one, and he is VERY sure he is going to win...and when he does he is going to give it to me, because he has no need for it, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I enjoy reading about all the great apps that are out there in relation to teaching, and I can't wait for the day that I get to try them out. I have wondered, on earth will I remember all these great apps? I can just see myself doing searches for "apps" on all of your blogs to see the ones you use. I will probably post a question on my blog, "What great apps are out there for teaching? What apps do you use in your studio?" I will search high and low for the best apps, comparing all those metronomes, and finally settling on what I think I will use the most.


I could compile all of your "app" posts into one convenient list so that not only me, but other piano teachers who add an iPad to their studios will have a place to go read the reviews about teaching apps.


Much like I did with the recital posts, I can keep updating this list with apps that you all think are great. I am going to begin putting this list together, so if you have blogged about an app that you would recommend, please leave a comment and let me know!

And in the meantime, Natalie from Music Matters Blog is hosting an app giveaway as we speak! Not just one, but TWO great apps, with three copies of each being given away. So you have six chances to win! So head on over to her review to leave your comment to enter and (hopefully) win!