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  1. Nicole: I know there are many people who have looked at your web site and not left comments.
    I also feel they feel most blessed after having read the information concerning Joseph Gilmore.
    I know I do. As they say in poll taking----multiply me by 10,000!
    I was looking for information re: Gilmore because I have a piano concert arrangement of "He leadeth Me."
    I wanted to write notes for the performer so that a better understanding of what is being
    performed would be available. Thank you for your idea of being a service to others.
    I also left a comment on your other page.
    Sincerely, Barbara G. Sherrill

  2. you have a comment about Edward Spencer 0f 1860 that I don't believe is true. I see no evidence of Spencer winning any Olympic gold for swimming since there were no Olympic games at that time. Please correct me if I'm wrong thank you.