April 10, 2012

The Christian Life in Hymns

Note: during college, one of my dorm-mate's dad wrote this, and gave us permission to share it and use it. I don't know his name, but want to give him the credit for this neat piece!

How to get a Soul Stirring from Songs and Hymns
Since Jesus Came into My Heart, I Love to tell the Story how I read in My Mother's Bible that Christ Receiveth Sinful Men.  

One Day, Love Lifted Me to Higher Ground and now I Know Whom I Believed and I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. I Surrender All, so I'll keep Living For Jesus and Follow On Where He Leads Me.

Since Now I Belong to Jesus, He is All I Need and I am Resolved to Bring Them In so that they also can kneel Beneath the Cross of Jesus and be Saved by the Blood, then experience what it's like to be Never Alone.

So together, let's Only Trust Him, have A Passion for Souls, and stay in The Service of the King. What a Day that Will Be when I will Praise Him, along with you, then He the Pearly Gates will Open and He Will Lead Me while we're Face to Face.

If I reach The Haven of Rest before you, Stand Up Stand up for Jesus, Look to the Lamb of God, keep Resting in His Promises, and Fight the Good Fight until Some Golden Daybreak We Gather Together Under His Wings, where we'll Praise the Savior while Dwelling in Beulah Land. Oh, What a Day That will Be!!

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