January 3, 2011

Info Sheet for New Students

I have had people ask in the past, and someone asked me recently, about the information sheet I use for my new students. So I decided to write a post about it for you all!

Now you'll know my secret...I actually use these files from Natalie over at Music Matters Blog. I have thought about making my own that suit my needs, but for now these are working great. There is one for the student, one for the parent, and some activities to determine where the student is musically. She also has a similar file for transfer students.

What I usually do is highlight the questions I want the student or parent to answer. For each new student it has been different. For instance, some of my students are adults, and so they don't bring their parents to the lessons. No kidding, right? :) So in this case, I highlight things from the student sheet and the parent sheet for them to fill out.

Another thing that makes a difference is how well I know the student. I may not need to know some things about them, like their parents names. Just depending on the circumstance. Highlighting seems to work well. Maybe one of these days I will write out my own sheets, but I think these ones work great!

Do you have a method you use that you would like to share??


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