March 14, 2011

Teaching Aids: Grand Staff

Someone asked me to share how I made my staff sheets mentioned in this post. I use these over and over while teaching, as there are always things that need to be reinforced on the staff.

Here is a picture of the treble and bass staves I made when I was in college:

All I did here was take a black Sharpie to a piece of white cardstock. I use a ruler to (try to) make my lines evenly spaced and straight. I penciled it all in before I made it permanent, as my artistic ability is as lacking as my creative juices! :) I find these staffs plenty big enough to fill in note names, practice drawing notes, teach the stem rule, etc. Because they are laminated, we can write on them with dry-erase markers and use them over and over. I also made these notes and time signatures out of cardstock and had those laminated as well. This way a student can arrange measures of their own and then play them.

Here is my large staff, drawn on a poster board. I made this the same way as the others, only on a bigger scale. I had to use a yardstick instead of a ruler. :)

I cut the circles you see out of colored cardstock to fit this staff. I put numbers on some of them for a student to make major scales with scale degrees, or to make chords and intervals.

If you need a smaller staff, Susan Paradis has some printable ones on her site. (Scroll down this page to find the different ones.) Some have fun graphics, but there are plain ones as well. I have several of these laminated as well. I often pull them out at a moments notice to be able to demonstrate things on the staff without messing up my student’s book.

Hope this information is helpful! Has anyone else done DIY projects like this?


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