March 31, 2011

The 8 Days of Piano Practice

My siblings and I used to have a teacher that would talk about how every student has the same 8 days of practice a week. "8 days?" you say? Yes, 8 days. And I know there are only 7 days in a week, thank you very much. :) Here is how 8 days works out: Your lesson is on Friday, so on Friday evening when you get home from your lesson, you practice. Then you practice the other 6 days from Saturday to Thursday, and then before your lesson the next Friday, you practice again. See? 8 days. :) On that week's songs anyway.

Let me just say that I don't require my students to practice on Sunday. If they want to then that is up to them, but I believe that Sunday should be a day of rest and focused on the Lord, so I don't require it. There are, however, still potentially 8 days of practice available to each of my students.

Here is a little humor for you as you reflect on the 8 days of piano practice. :) Enjoy!

The 8 Days of Piano Practice

by Stephanie Risinger

Age 18

The first day of practice,

Though your lesson was long;

You rush home excited,

To try your new song.

The second is more fun

As new songs you play;

You practice and practice

That fun song all day.

The third day you realize,

That you were all wrong;

There really are sharps,

In that so called “fun song.”

So, the fourth day you labor,

That song you can’t play!

So you practice and practice,

You practice all day!

The fifth day you’re yawning,

While playing along,

But wait! You have skipped

That very hard song!

You’re bored of that song,

But I’ll give you a tip:

Your teacher will know of,

These days that you skip.

The seventh day you realize,

Your lesson's tomorrow!

So you practice that song,

That fills you with sorrow.

On the day of your lesson,

You practice all morn;

But your teacher does lecture,

And you leave forlorn.

So now learn this lesson,

And practice eight days;

For soon you will realize,

That practicing pays!

(This was written by my sister as a school assignment. The "lesson was long" part is no reflection of my teaching, just so you know. :))


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