June 24, 2011

Comment Moderation

I don't know about you, but one thing that annoys me is trying to comment on blogs with the word identification -thingy. You know what I mean, the place where you have to type in "farcey" or some other non-existent word to show that you are really an intelligent human being. Yes, typing in "farcey" really makes me feel intelligent.

However, due to the amount of spam comments I have been receiving on my blog, I've had to turn on the word identification. Thankfully my spam filter was catching all of these comments, but I was getting spam every day, so I decided to try this for a while and see if it would help. So far, so good.

So I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply sorry for having to put you through the torture of typing "farcey" and proving to me that you are a real, live, breathing, intelligent human being. I know you are all intelligent, you don't have to prove it to me. Hopefully this will all be cleared up soon and we can go back to normal. Whatever normal is....

Am I the only one that gets annoyed by the word verification-thingy?? Do you have word verification on your blog, and why or why not?


  1. I do get annoyed with the word identification but I think that it has its purpose. When I think of posting on a blog I usually expect it now because I assume they had to turn it on because there is so much spam mail out there. I figure, at least they have a way for you to stop spam!

  2. @Lacy
    Thanks, Lacy! Yes, it is working, no more spam! I guess the word verification is a blessing in disguise! :)