June 27, 2011

Recital Post Updated

A few weeks ago I posted some links to some great recital ideas. I have been updating that post to include more and more links, so click here to head to that post and receive some recital inspiration! Seriously, some of you have the greatest ideas. And if you are as un-creative as I am, you and your students will benefit from ideas gleaned from other teachers.

If you know of other recital posts that I don't have listed, leave me a comment and tell me about them so I can include them in this list. Hopefully this will be a resource we can use for years to come!

How did your year-end recital go?


  1. Held my very first recital as a piano teacher just last night. It went so well! The students played wonderfully, and they all enjoyed themselves very much. They were excited to come, excited to play, and happy to stay after and meet some new friends. I also invited some advanced students to come play to show them how the hours of practice can pay off.

  2. @tndj How exciting! It sounds like so much fun. How did it work out to have more advanced students come? Sounds like you put a lot of work into it.

  3. Thank you, it was fun. I really think it was a great addition having the advanced students play. (One was the Pastor's oldest daughter, sister to 3 of the students; also my son and daughter played, and their duet partners.) They inspired many of the younger ones, and it also added some variety and interest to the program. I interspersed the beginners with the advanced. I thank the Lord for how it all came together. We also got to have it at our church, and I was able to recognize how many of my students are using their talents for the Lord. Several families who came were unsaved, so praise God for the chance to be a testimony to them!