March 9, 2012

The Best Of: St. Patrick's Day Edition

Welcome to The Best Of: where I round up some great links for you from around the www. that I have enjoyed this week! PS: These links are best enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee. :)

Super short list today, but wanted to share some new games ala St. Patrick's Day!

Susan Paradis made my job easier, and complied all her St. Patrick's Day related games and activities here. (Includes composing activities, games, and worksheets!)

Sarah designed some Shamrock Interval Builder Cards that look easy to use this coming week!

I did some internet hunting, but this was all I could come up with for St. Patricks day! Does anyone else know of some other resources/links that you could share with us? We'd love to hear! Just leave a comment below. Also, tell us what you are doing to celebrate this week with your students!


  1. Thanks for the resource list- I was doing some checking around earlier this week to try and round up some St. Patrick's Day activities for my students, and there wasn't too much out there.

    One to add to you list is the Lucky Lepruchan Game, which can be found at Sing a New Song:

    I also have a few more St. Patricks' Day themed worksheets on my blog from last year. The interval cards are working great so far- I used them for the first time this past Thursday. It's a great off-bench activity!