February 1, 2011

What You Already Know

I am sure you all know this already. Very, very sure. But, if you are like me, you forget until it is too late. Am I right? Tell me I'm right.

Here's the problem. I come from the freezing cold, snowy weather into my "studio" (ha ha) where it is (comparatively) nice and warm. I begin teaching a lesson, and then the unthinkable happens. My nose turns into Niagara Falls. C'mon, you know it happens to you too!!!...doesn't it??

And I can only imagine, that if it is happening to me, it is also happening to my student, and I really don't like to think where it might be going if said student has no kleenex. Just sayin.'

So the bottom line is: must bring box of kleenex to lesson. If you are like me and don't teach from your home, chances are you don't normally have kleenex handy. I have decided to find a way to change that. The rest of my students will thank me.

You did already know that, right???

1 comment:

  1. This was cute and it sounds like something that would happen to me too!