April 13, 2011

Musical Alphagems

I was finally able to make the Musical Alphagems that Joy shared several months ago. I had a little bit of a hard time finding the clear glass gems. The ones I finally found aren’t that great. I had to discard half of them because of imperfections in the glass, but I was able to do a few.

Joys tutorial was very easy to follow, and my gems came out just like I wanted them to! I am so thankful for the printable that Joy made to aid in cutting these little babies out. It makes for tiny pieces of paper!

I have already used them with a couple of students. I took two of each letter and shook them up and then had my beginning students see how fast they could put them on the piano. These gems are great because they fit easily on the keys. So far my students have seemed to enjoy them and did well with this little challenge.

If you have the resources to make these gems, I encourage you to do so! They are a great addition to any studio.


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