April 26, 2011

Star Players

When I was in college, I picked up these flashcards for my piano pedagogy file I had to build:
They are a lot of fun, because they are in the shape of stars. I have never used them as traditional flashcards, though, but always as special games or something different.

The trouble was, they were a little too see-through. They are yellow on the printed side, but the backs were just white. {boring} I did not want my students to be able to see through them! So I glued orange and pink cardstock on the back of them.

Because I'm weird like this, here is a picture of my work space:

I worked on these the same night that I worked on doing some more organizing, hence all the different things that are out. And when you are just gluing and cutting, a movie makes things go way quicker. :)

The first few I tried, I just used good 'ol Elmers to glue them on the cardstock. (As seen in the picture above.) I found that this made the stars curl and bubble. Not good. So I dug out a glue stick that I already had (and had forgotten about) that is made for scrapbooking, and guaranteed not to bubble. Bingo! Worked like a charm. I think that rubber cement would also work.

Here are the stars glued onto construction paper:
And then I just simply cut them out.

This week, I came up with a game to play with these stars. Since they have different symbols and music signs on them, I figured it would be a good way to review.

I laid a few out on the floor like this:
I pick new ones for every student so that they are mostly ones that student has already learned. Then the student and I take turns throwing a small beany ball and trying to hit a star. When we hit a star, we go turn it over and talk about what is on the other side. If we miss, the ball goes to the other person. Simple, but fun!

Don't you just love how the camera made them "shine" in this picture??

Since the stars have the answers right on them (grrr) I have the student say what that sign does or means or how many beats it gets, depending on what it is. It makes for a good review!

Its been a fun game so far, and all my students have loved being able to throw things. :) You could easily make this game using just cardstock, or foam shapes, and printing your own signs and symbols on them. I love activities and teaching aids like this where the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Very cute and creative idea :) I'm finding that anything that gets my students up off the bench and moving around is very helpful at this time of year with spring coming and the end of the school year in sight!