April 6, 2011

New Lesson Props

I picked up a couple things at my local Dollar store that have proven to add some fun to lessons. Here they are, with some of my ideas to use them.

This big clothespin is inspiring! I have it displaying the coveted "One Minute Cards" right now, but it will change occupation soon. It sure catches my students eyes when they sit down at the piano.

This is a dry erase board. I have a 7-year-old student that speaks English, but has only learned to read and write French. So I picked this up to practice spelling some words like rhythm, slur, quarter note, etc. I would write the first letter of the word and see if he could guess what I was spelling. He guessed "rhythm" on the first letter. I got him on "octave," though. :) Then I had him copy each one. He seemed to enjoy it...and enjoyed showing his mother when he was done!

Here is what the back of the board looks like:

All my young students are really into Toy Story right now, so having this as an alternative to the normal "white board" will be fun.

Any suggestions on other ways I could use these?


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